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It's a fantastic beverage, the  result of the selection of the best barrels of cachaça in the distillery, giving rise to a single, smooth and unparalleled product.


Balanced drink where the woody in tune with the fruity and the vanilic results in a mild liquor but with a pronounced flavor that appeals to all lovers of good liquor.

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Stored in amburana casks for a long time, selected and harmoniously developed  with woody, fruity and floral notes giving rise to a unique flavor and aroma of a very exclusive drink.

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Brings about the almond velvety  of higher quality cachaça rested in barrels of pink Jequitibá , which lends  the product a delicacy that makes it  great to be sipped on its own along with  the dishes of national cuisine and also unsurpassed in the preparation of the greatest drinks of the world, the brazilian caipirinha.


With a genuinely pure taste, with extraordinary lightness and natural color, Dom Bré Tradicional does not go through wooden casks thus revealing all its freshness and the remarkable flavor of the purest cachaça. It is unsurpassed in preparing the best drinks in the world especially the traditional caipirinha.

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